Clicktivism is having a renaissance

In the early 2010s, in the wake of the Moldovan parliamentary election protests and Occupy Wall Street, digital observers coined the term “clicktivism” in an effort to delegitimize cyberactivism. Malcolm Gladwell even went so far as to assert that clicktivism (or slacktivism as it is more pejoratively known) lacks “discipline…

Digital media has spawned a pervasive, elusive performance that’s dangerous to Black culture

TThey say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” an idea that posits that emulation is rooted in a subconscious desire to be someone else and is done in good faith. While the first may be true, when dealing with imitation of culture or the self, the motivations become…

I asked the same twenty-three questions to a group of people with varying racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, and the overlap and chasms in between answers help illuminate and further scramble our perceptions of what race has become.

Seven months ago I asked a group of my friends to come…

Tre Vayne

I am a writer, content creator, and comedian based in Los Angeles. Big fan of food, philosophy, and reality TV.

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